Archiving Our Inaugural Exhibition: the Beauty of the West Coast

From July 29 to September 30, 2020, our gallery held its inaugural exhibition, the Beauty of the West Coast. Celebrating the natural scenery and picturesque charm of the Pacific Northwest and California, the exhibition was conducted entirely online here and on and presented original work by both local and international artists. 28 artists, all of whom either currently live on the West Coast or are passionate about what the West Coast has to offer, were featured within the exhibition. Although the artists varied in age, nationality, and art world experience, they all uniquely captured the spirit of the Pacific Coast and brought it to life through their chosen subject matters, media, and color palettes. 

Recognizing the nationwide impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we hosted two Instagram charity livestreams per week for No Kid Hungry via an @nokidhungry direct donate button and by the end of exhibition, had raised $1,210, $210 more than our original fundraising goal of $1,000. Through strategic buying of equipment and supplies for key providers in the world of feeding children (schools, after school programs, etc.), No Kid Hungry knows statistically that they can provide 10 additional meals per dollar.  Thus, Through our generous donors and a percentage of sale proceeds, we were able to provide up to 12,100 additional meals for at risk kids.

During each Live Artist Talk on Instagram, we heard from two different artists and discussed a variety of topics such as art and the environment, abstract realism, and the healing power of color. Our artists were paired together based on their shared medium (i.e. West Coast through Collage or West Coast through the Lens), associated style/movement (i.e. Expressive and Impressionist Art or Abstract Expressionism), or thematic subject matter (i.e. Nature and the Cosmos and Mountainscapes of the West).   

Three live artist talk Instagram banners

In some instances, we watched an artist’s art-making process in real-time such as the outdoor demonstrations by environmental artist Luke Gumaelius or the poured acrylic paintings by Canadian artist Cindy Friesen-Ford Ashurst. The format of the charity livestream events on Instagram allowed our viewers to interact with the artists and ask questions  directly. Through this, we were able to engage with our audience and provide educational, yet entertaining events on Instagram.

Instagram artist live talk screenshots

The 28 artists featured in the Reawakening exhibition are shown below and will be detailed over the next three blog articles:

  1. Jorge Garza, San Diego, CA
  2. Francesca Filanc, Encinitas, CA
  3. Darrel McPherson, Escondido, CA
  4. Jackie Zucker, Carlsbad, CA
  5. John Travis, Carlsbad, CA
  6. Janet Perkin, Poway, CA
  7. Nancy Cook Smith, Santa Monica, CA
  8. Jan Bolits, San Diego, CA (formerly Prague, Czech Republic)
  9. Peter Suczek (ZBO), San Diego, CA
  10. Luke Gumaelius, Los Osos, CA
  11. Rachel Rothberg, Bellingham, WA
  12. Judith Rayl, Seattle, WA
  13. Milena Arango, San Francisco, CA
  14. Darrah Culp, Portland, OR
  15. Yolanda Santa Cruz, Miami, FL
  16. Yuyao Hou, Los Angeles, CA
  17. Lynn Flanagan, Carlsbad, CA
  18. Katrina Slavik, Astoria, NY
  19. Shanxi Wu, Pleasanton, CA (formerly Beijing, China)
  20. Kendra Hurteau, Rosamond, CA
  21. Suzanne Tyler, Portland, OR
  22. Esther Shaw, Yucca Valley, CA
  23. Cindy Friesen-Ford Ashurst, Ladysmith, BC, Canada
  24. Jim Schlett, Reston, VA
  25. Nikiya Kiara Basilio Crisostomo, San Francisco, CA
  26. Therese Verner, Santa Clarita, CA
  27. Gloria Williams, San Diego, CA
  28. Carol Tarka, Carlsbad, CA

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