Coral Blossom
Coral Blossom
Coral Blossom
Coral Blossom

Coral Blossom

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Lisa Daniels

(Unframed) 36 x 24

Acrylic on Canvas

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Different sizes of palette knives, sponges, and brush strokes were the tools used by artist Lisa Daniels to create the dreamy soft effects of this acrylic on canvas. Thick texture and vibrant color play an important role in creating this underwater garden of coral.

Accompanying this acrylic painting is a poem written by the artist herself:

"Coral Blossom"
Coral Blossom this I know
A star you are, an ocean show
Light from above shines down on you
Your colors bright in ocean blue

Your stage is set for all your fans
Creatures of the ocean lands
Come far and wide to see your act
As you watch how they react

In darkness you wait, light is your cue
All eyes of starfish are on you
The envy of all who watch you flower
It is your time, it is your hour


Specializing in abstracts with a broad range of linear geometric structure and free-flowing soft serenity. Lisa's subjects selected show their beauty, strength, and relations to their surroundings with an emotional expression in color and mood. The paintings tend to be simplistic in order to convey to the viewer the inspiration and subject in its simplest form and representation. The goal is that you will think and feel something, anything from the setting, movement, and emotion of the painting.

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