Entanglements of Elevation VII

Entanglements of Elevation VII

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Trevor Coopersmith

(Unframed) 20 x 20

Spray Paint on Canvas

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This work employs dilution and decalcomania techniques to explore the relationship of chance encounter. The bottom portion of this piece maps out the elevation gain and loss of an eight-day, 115 mile skateboard journey taken by the artist across central California. During this time, the artist intimately explored the natural and urban landscape in hopes of finding solace and question methodologies in progress. He was particularly inspired by the concentric forms of mushroom gills growing wildly in nature.


Trevor Coopersmith is an interdisciplinary artist from Carlsbad, CA. Trevor received a Bachelor's in Art from the University of California, Santa Barbara and was recently accepted to the University of London, Goldsmiths MFA program. Coopersmith has sold to private collections across the globe, completed murals, founded the Urban Art Scholarship Foundation and exhibited internationally/ online.