Gloria Williams

Artist Statement

I grew up in the stillness of the Mojave desert. The brilliant desert sun. The dark starry night skies. Both are a part of who I am. This California desert is where I will always call home. In the desert, one is able to reflect and retreat from the world. It’s where time feels like it stands still.  I was able to develop myself, my art, my mind and my practice in this stillness.  Outwardly, I walk in the swirl of the world today. Inwardly, I walk with the stillness of my home in my heart. The displayed photographs are of something that we all witness nationwide. Fireworks on the 4th of July. I was lifeguarding in my hometown in the desert. Holding my breath underwater and looking up, I was able to capture these images. Later, in quiet reflection, I discovered a happy accident, these photographs display two common symbols found across cultures. That being of light (the human soul) and water (the human subconscious). Through the lens of water the hidden truth of light is revealed. Much like the hidden truth of the human condition is best expressed in art, dreams, and the collective subconscious.