Jackie Zucker

Artist Statement

Jackie Zucker is an artist who pulls her inspiration from her diverse background and upbringing. Originally from Germany, Jackie came to the United States as a child and lived in Manhattan, NY for most of her childhood, until moving to California. She creates pieces that capture her influence on Asian culture and uses a variety of elements to build dimension and layers. Jackie feels the colors, patterns and motion that occur in nature are her passion. She enjoys interpreting these in different ways in semi-abstracts, figures and landscapes. The color patterns and the "music of motion" are what she loves to explore in her paintings.

Dynamic movement and vivid color are the hallmarks of her work. People, events and landscapes of all types delight her, each expressing a host of unique moods. She loves to include symbols and different mediums in her interpretive paintings and abstracts. Often a story emerges as the viewer finds a personal connection. Rich layers of acrylics, metallics and mixed media are blended for a distinctive look.