John Travis

Artist Statement

My expression using art goes back to my surfing days and my love for the ocean. My first experience was sailing followed by surfing. I am so in love and inspired by the ocean. I walk along the cliffs of Carlsbad and Del Mar California and I remember the days of surfing Killer Dana along with Hobbie , Micky Munoze Fred Hemmings and others. Killer Dana is one of the largest breaks on the west coast. I remember riding many 20 Ft. waves at Dana Point while Hobbie was out on his surfboard. I am disheartened by the treatment our ocean is receiving at this time. I remember the beaches at Cardiff, Carlsbad and other places that have disappeared because of global warming. When I start on a new canvas I know not where I am going I just know it will flow and be a gift to me myself and others. My hope is that art can reach people and inspire them to make a paradigm shift in their life. A change with the possibility of growth beyond their wildest dreams and expectations. A change of love over war, hate and racism.