Impressionistic painting of a Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden at the Huntington (in San Marino, CA)

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Therese Verner

48 x 60

Acrylic on Canvas

We have taken artistic license in displaying this work as a postcard for our Postcards from Around the World online exhibition.  Please refer to the other images for actual viewing of the piece.

Japanese Garden at the Huntington is based on one of the artist's favorite scenes at the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, California. Completed in 1912, this nine-acre Japanese Garden was created by American railroad magnate Mr. Henry E. Huntington and dedicated to his wife. This acrylic on canvas painting captures an autumn sunset in the Japanese garden, with the warm glow of yellow highlighting its lush greenery. The view of the garden is from a staircase opposite, where one can imagine actually being in Japan and its serene gardens.

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