Tasha Nichole King

Tasha Nichole (King) lives and works in Sacramento, CA. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Finance in 2002 at Sacramento State University. After reaching a state of burnout and depression in 2018, she decided for the sake of her health and sanity to change direction and pursue a calling in art. Art pulled her through a very dark time. 
She is a self-taught intuitive abstract painter who believes in the healing power of art. She deeply feels the struggles, pain, joy, and excitement of others as if they were her own. ​She's simply the vessel painting people's emotional stories. Releasing these feelings and emotions through her hands and transmitting the energy of her soul to the canvas visually depicts the voice of the voiceless and sets them free. Sharing and spreading messages of love that’s what she does. Why? Because she believes we can and should live in peace and harmony together. That’s what she creates through her art. Her artwork taps into the spiritual being of everyone to make them feel something. Her work demonstrates everything and everyone is connected. May her art touch your heart and soul, offer healing through her story and be a source of inspiration and empowerment for others to walk their healing journey.