Photograph of a reflection on the ferry in Seattle

Flight of Gulls (Elliott Bay)

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Judith Rayl

We have taken artistic license in displaying this work as a postcard for our Postcards from Around the World online exhibition.  Please refer to the other images for actual viewing of the piece.

28 x 30 

Raw, single-capture photo

Flight of Gulls, a raw, single-capture image, speaks to the idea of confluence. While on the ferry on a winter morning, the artist photographed another ferry departing. At the same moment, reflected in a drawing of an old ferry, she spotted a man walking past. In this image, the man's silhouette is filled with flying gulls, as if he were suddenly inhabited by freedom and joy. The small irregular cross-like shape laying over his figure, later discovered by the artist in this image, speaks to reverence and the tender presence of spirit.

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