Paint pouring painting of Hatley Castle Grounds

Hatley Castle Grounds (Colwood, British Columbia)

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Cindy Friesen-Ford Ashurst

18 x 24 

Acrylic on Canvas

We have taken artistic license in displaying this work as a postcard for our Postcards from Around the World online exhibition.  Please refer to the other images for actual viewing of the piece.

Canadian artist Cindy Friesen-Ford Ashurst draws inspiration from nature and her artwork reflects her unique perspective on its beauty. Her artistic process has evolved from attempting to pour the paint in a specific shape or with a specific intent, applying stencils over fluid acrylics to enhance the piece, creating shapes with contact paper to control the flow of acrylic, to painting realistically over poured acrylics. In this painting, she explores colors in abstraction and creates a beautiful, almost psychedelic scene of the grounds at Hatley Castle, an Edwardian estate located on southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

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