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Launched in late February of 2020, Art Scene West is a contemporary art gallery that represents established and emerging artists from the West Coast and the western parts of the U.S.A. and Canada. We began in the virtual sphere and have grown by partnering with Artsy.net and opening a gallery on South Cedros in Solana Beach, CA. Our philosophy embraces the ever-changing landscape of art and the art market in response to the changing times. We value the opportunity to support local and other artists on their creative journeys. The gallery’s founder describes West Coast art as a “breath of fresh air.” We welcome you to breathe...

Upcoming Show

Awakening Color


Paintings, Photography, Mixed Media, and Sculpture

We offer original art from established and emerging  West Coast artists. 

Laurenthian Abyss Dreamsicle Flirtation I Still Love Coronado

Featured Artist

Jonathan Simon

Jonathan's artwork is rooted in abstract expressionism and a love for the impasto style. He uses a careful balance between heavy body, intense strokes and careful widgets to create artwork that takes emotional shape.

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